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Profit Boss® Radio is a weekly wealth building and retirement mastermind for women and couples. Want the secrets to wealth and retirement to be yours? This is the place. Hosted by Hilary Hendershott, CFP®, MBA, a fiduciary financial advisor running a leading advisory firm, she inspires and empowers listeners on their financial and professional journeys by sharing real stories from real life and real people who are reaching financial success. Let Hilary be your guide as you defy the odds, take control of your money, grow your wealth, and retire well. Hilary’s pragmatic approach to money, no-nonsense attitude, and sophisticated topics combine to create a podcast worthy of its 5-star rating. To learn more about Hilary, read, listen, or watch the show, follow the blog, or to connect directly visit
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Apr 17, 2018

Profit Boss®  radio is all about connecting you to women who are empowering other women to have confidence in their finances. I cannot think of anyone who embodies that spirit like Jen Hemphill. Jen is a bilingual Latina military wife and mama who knows there’s a lot more to financial freedom than spending less and saving more. After experiencing years of the numbers sliding sideways, even though she and her husband were doing “all the right things,” Jen went on a journey to uncover some untraditional ways to empower herself financially. The result is the amazing Her Money Matters Podcast and now a brand new book! 


Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths from Traditional Money Advice is a go-to guide for women with burning questions about money. It is a book about money specifically designed with women in mind, and Jen has so much wisdom to share with us about money mindset. I am not just excited to have Jen on the show to talk about the content of her book, but also the book-writing process. Publishing is such a mystery to many of us, so Jen is going to explain just what it takes to self-publish. 


If you are interested in money mindset and the uncharted territory many of our money mentors have not dared to go, Jen is your lady! She is proof that when women take charge of their finances, good things happen. 


What you will learn in this episode: 

    Jen shares with us her unique message about money. 

    Jen’s role as a military spouse led her to want to create the podcast platform and a career that offered flexibility. 

    The services that Jen offers for finance coaching. 

    Everybody writes a book, but Jen decided to take advantage of the opportunity. 

    Why Jen parted ways with her traditional publisher, and how the hybrid approach was right for her. 

    A day in the life of book launching author! 

    What makes up a launch team. 

    What is missing from traditional money advice? 

    Since Jen had her “Aha Moment,” Jen has learned so many lessons about money. 

    We often forget to acknowledge what we are doing well. 

    There are different stages of budgeting. 

    Your money mindset takes up 60%. 

    Jen shares all about self-care. 

    Let’s talk about Negotiating! 

    Get clear about your Dream Budget.




Link to Her Money Matters® podcast:


Her Money Matters Book

Her Money Matters Workbook

Apr 10, 2018

With hard work, a healthy money mindset, and the sheer force of determination, you can overcome insurmountable odds and find success. This is exactly the attitude of my guest, Nely Galan. Nely is a Latina media dynamo! As an immigrant with limited work experience, Nely worked hard to put herself through school and then rise through the ranks to become the media mogul she is today! Nely was the first female president of Telemundo, and she has produced over 600 episodes of television in both English and Spanish. She is an Emmy award-winning producer, working on shows like Fox’s The Swan. All of these accomplishments are indeed impressive, but most of that work went on behind the scenes. I am excited for you to hear why Nely is stepping onstage to become an advocate for women’s empowerment. 


Nely’s new book, Self Made, chronicles her journey in the media business as she started from nothing. Now, Nely wants to show women across the globe that we are capable of more than our society tells us we are. When women earn more and advance in their careers, our culture flourishes. Nely is spearheading efforts to educate, empower, and mobilize women from all nationalities and backgrounds to begin making waves in their industry. Today, Nely will share some of her best tips and techniques for starting over and becoming self-made. Make sure you listen to find out how to get resources for women-owned businesses right in your mailbox! 


With so much experience and wisdom to share, Nely embodies what it means to be a ProfitBoss. You do not want to miss out on the practical tools and mindset shifts Nely is bringing to the table today.  


What you will learn in this episode: 

  • What inspired Nely to move away from behind the scenes work to being an author and public speaker. 
  • Nely started with nothing at all, and she worked hard to make her life happen. 
  • Nely’s biggest advice is to live well within your means. 
  • Going back to school inspired Nely to take part of the intercultural revolution of women in business. 
  • Women need to learn how to take care of themselves. 
  • Learn from the mistakes Nely made along the way. 
  • Business failure is not a failed career. 
  • Join professional organizations. 
  • Being self-made is a day-by-day process. 
  • How to be a woman in relationships and still have money. 
  • Discover the benefits of being self made. 
  • We are a culture that worries about money; declare your goals boldly. 
  • How to combat fear. 
  • Why Nely loves buildings more than shoes. 
  • Who needs to use Becoming Self Made resources.



Resources from the Show 

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Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way



Apr 3, 2018

Many Americans are walking around with a million dollar asset they didn’t even know they had—Social Security. Love it or leave it, the U.S. has put Social Security in place to protect your future, and you need to be informed to make the most of it. My special guest today is Elaine Floyd. Elaine has made it her mission to make sure everyone knows how to utilize Social Security now to better ensure their future. She has spent much of her time assisting Baby Boomers when it comes to claiming benefits, but her years of experience have given her a perspective that is beneficial during every walk of life. 


First up, in our newest edition of “Ask Hillary,” I tackle some of your questions from the private Facebook group. We will discuss everything from planning finances with an irregular income to tracking expenses through automation. Because of your excellent questions, we get to cover a lot of ground with practical tools you can use in almost any situation. 


Next on the docket, Elaine starts off by dispelling some of the most common myths around Social Security. We will discuss what it might mean for Social Security to be “bankrupt,” and what some of the younger generations might expect in the future. Even though nothing is set in stone, Elaine believes that we need to be investing in and making the most of Social Security. On your path to financial freedom, you are going to want to utilize every asset you can. I am excited that Elaine is able to share her knowledge with the ProfitBoss Community today!


Elaine’s Top Tips for Social Security 

  1. Delay retirement if you can 
  2. Maximize Earnings
  3. Understand the Survival Benefits 


What You Will Learn from This Episode: 

  • In our “Ask Hillary” segment, I talk about whether to incorporate and trusting your tax advisor. 
  • My best financial planning tips for irregular income. 
  • My favorite tool for tracking expenses. 
  • Find an accountability partner! 
  • Tips for listeners who have budding businesses. 
  • A reminder of what Ignite membership is all about! 
  • I chat with Elaine Floyd about the Social Security Program. 
  • What it means when we say Social Security is “bankrupt.” 
  • Discover how benefits are actually calculated. 
  • Know what to expect from the Social Security program. 
  • Elaine’s best tips for claiming Social Security 
  • Social Security has tightened the rules on claiming spouse’s benefits. 
  • Learn all about Survivor Benefits. 
  • Common pitfalls to avoid with Social Security income. 
  • What it’s like to actually work within the system. 
  • How soon you can expect benefits. 



Resources Mentioned 

Elaine Floyd


ProfitBoss Radio Episode 77:


ProfitBoss Radio Episode 84:


Social Security Online

Mar 27, 2018

When it comes to taking control of your finances, many of us are seeking out new opportunities to make money. Flexible careers offer creative ways to make money on your terms. Thanks to technology, more and more companies are open to remote workers, telecommuting, or a hybrid between remote and in-office time. Now more than ever before, you can choose a career opportunity to fit your lifestyle so that you can finally have career happiness. 


Here to help us better understand all of the flexible working opportunities available is Brie Reynolds. Brie represents, a website and job resource that curates all of the available flexible working opportunities from across the globe. You will be surprised to find that remote work opportunities are not just for transcription or customer service! You’ll find listings like “Remote Neurosurgeon” and “Hybrid Business Administration” among their wealth of listings.  Today, Brie will explain Flex Job’s process, and why their site is unique. Flex Jobs truly has the job seeker in mind, so if you are looking for a bit more freedom in your schedule, this is the cite for you!   


Flexible working is so much more than working from home. It also means that, if the employer is open, that you can work literally anywhere in the world. Financial freedom might look a lot like choosing your own schedule and work environment, and I think that is pretty great. Brie is on a mission to help you discover career happiness, and that is precisely what ProfitBoss Radio is all about! 


What you will learn in this episode:

  • The most misunderstood aspects of flexible working. 
  • There are surprising opportunities out there for you. 
  • Usually, flexible working is a hybrid situation. 
  • How to begin finding flexible jobs in your field. 
  • The difference between telecommuting, working remotely, and a hybrid situation. 
  • Discover the careers that seem to be growing the most when it comes to flexibility. 
  • You open up your business for a wider variety of candidates when you hire remotely. 
  • The downsides of working remotely. 
  • Are flex working opportunities going away? 
  • People are measurably happier when they get control over their time. 
  • How to stand out in an online application. 
  • Learn how to spot the scam jobs. 
  • Compensation is usually the same for these flexible job opportunities. 
  • Why Flex Jobs is different than other job sites. 
  • Flex Jobs is all about the job seeker. 


Resources from the Show 

Flex Jobs


Mar 20, 2018

Everyone loves an unlikely success story. We are often told that anything is possible and these success stories give us all home to chase our dreams. Still, we need to make money and pay the bills. Dreams just don’t feel very lucrative. Is it possible to turn your dreams into reality? 


Today’s guest embodies what it means to be an unlikely success. Cathy Heller didn’t come from much, had a little education, and no idea about how to make it in a career. It wasn’t likely that she would make it big in her career as a songwriter, but Cathy persevered. Using her creativity, Cathy figured out a way to market her skills by selling songs to Fortune 500 companies. Now, she has an incredibly profitable podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, where I have been a guest. 


Today, I am turning the microphone on Cathy so that she can tell us how she found her unlikely success. Her biggest lesson for everyone is that, with a little ingenuity, we can turn almost any passion into a money-making enterprise. Cathy is going to share the scrappy actions and mindset shifts it took to make it in a competitive field. Never one to be content where she is, Cathy then turned her success into more opportunities to use her gifts. Now, Cathy represents other artists who want to license their music, teaches courses about licensing, and hosts a profitable podcast. 


That may sound like a lot, but Cathy’s unlikely success is about small steps in the right direction. It’s about never settling for less than she is worth, and you and I can take that advice right to the bank. 


What You Will Learn in This Episode: 

  • Cathy shares how her finances developed over the course of her life. 
  • Why Cathy turned to music as her saving grace. 
  • Decide to see new opportunities, just like Cathy did when she needed a new way to make money songwriting. 
  • Cathy learned how to use her talents in an authentic way that also helped film and ads. 
  • Cathy did her research! 
  • The scrappy move that set Cathy apart from the rest. 
  • How Cathy knew she wasn’t done with just licensing music.
  • Cathy started representing other artists using the connections she made during her time as a songwriter. 
  • Businesses can grow other businesses. 
  • Discover the amazing story behind the podcast, including the ad revenue. 
  • Cathy relies heavily on her teams in each of her endeavors. 
  • Learn all about managing employees and setting boundaries. 
  • We get what we allow to happen. Stand up for your standards!
  • Advice to fight back against self-doubt. 
  • You have the ability to get paid to do what you love. 
  • Pave the way to success through kindness, authentic relationships, and self-worth. 
  • Cathy discusses her money resistance, and how she overcame self-sabotage. 



Links in This Episode: 

Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast


Mar 13, 2018

Welcome to the 100th episode! It feels surreal that my initial dream to start a podcast has transformed into a movement of women taking ownership of their finances. While more and more women are feeling empowered by their wealth, a whopping 71% of women still have all of their money in cash. Investing feels like some kind of impenetrable black box, and for many of our listeners in the middle of their financial growth journey, it can be cost prohibitive to take advantage of a financial planner. I’ve been listening to you, the ProfitBoss community, and I have developed a service that will start your investment journey with the same level of service and confidence I give my own clients. Here it is: Ignite Investing!  


Ignite Investing would not exist without the dedication and hard work of Jen Rupp. Jen has a degree in Economics and Finance, over a decade of experience in financial planning, and the same vision to help women start their investments with a strong foundation. Over the past 9 months, Jen and I have developed the Ignite Investment platform, a space for women to get the exact same premium service that we provide at Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management without the $500,000 savings minimum. You will have access to a custom portfolio, real-time investment advice, and the backing of several investment agencies that have withstood the test of time. If this sounds like the next step in your journey to financial freedom, you do not want to miss this episode. Jen and I are going to explain how Ignite Investing is not only possible but an incredible value as well. 


The vision of the ProfitBoss Radio community is to empower women with tools to start making decisions about their finances. Ignite Investing is the natural next step for many of our listeners. Apply today, and start making your money work for you. 


What You Will Learn in This Episode: 

  • Top 10 List of Milestones for ProfitBoss Radio. 
  • Hear about why Jen is breaking through glass ceilings! 
  • Why women aren’t investing and keeping their portfolios in cash. 
  • In the long term, your investment numbers get really pretty! 
  • Understand why you should be working with a fiduciary. 
  • ProfitBoss is especially powerful for women who have savings but haven’t yet made it to the half-million mark to get that solid investing advice.
  • Technology and investing don’t always mix. Hear our perspectives on digital investment platforms 
  • Ignite Investing is a true hybrid of in-person service and technology on the back end. 
  • Let’s talk about value. 
  • Learn how to make decisions with your money and a financial planner. 
  • What to expect in your first year as an Ignite participant! 
  • We want to make this process completely smooth and simple. 
  • Discover the Investment Solution and mutual funds.
  • What the “Fund of Funds” can do for you. 
  • How to combat anchoring bias. 


Links Mentioned in the Show

Loring Ward


Mar 6, 2018

Everyone has an opinion about sales, and for many, that opinion isn’t very positive. However, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in sales! There’s no way around that! Despite some reservations about it, we all know that a career in sales can be very, very lucrative. So if you’re looking to increase your income this year, this episode of ProfitBoss Radio is a must-listen. Judy Hoberman is my guest today, and she is sharing with us her lessons learned from a 30-year career in sales. 


What surprised me most about this interview is that Judy is very clear sales isn’t about kitschy closing lines or being manipulative, it’s about building a connection with people, asking the right questions and doing the right thing. You’ll love the way Judy makes sales seem warm, friendly and accessible. Judy has experience in just about everything from education to insurance. She even did a stint as a roofer! 


Now, Judy is transforming her years of experience into actionable tools that her clients can do to boost their sales. As always, her focus is never on building a script or crafting closers. Instead, Judy wants to take the very natural way that women can build trusting relationships and turn that into a selling superpower. Judy believes that, in a sense, everyone is in sales in some capacity, so I think every ProfitBoss listener will benefit from the incredible advice Judy is bringing to the show today. 


What You Will Learn in this Episode: 

  • Judy started in sales as a Girl Scouts who built relationships with her customers. 
  • The company where Judy learned her best sales lesson. 
  • How Judy got her degree in Educated, got laid off, started as a roofer, and then landed in insurance. 
  • Lessons we can learn from the glamorous world of insurance. 
  • What women need to know about how sales actually work. 
  • You don’t have to be slimy and manipulative as a salesperson. 
  • The questions you need to ask in order to build trust. 
  • Hire a coach or a mentor to help you reach those higher levels in your company. 
  • How to run a one-woman show! 
  • Have conversations, not closers. 
  • Advice for people who aren’t “in sales.” 



Links Mentioned in the Show


@SellingInASkirt on Twitter and Instagram


Feb 27, 2018

We all know that real estate is a worthy investment, and on your path to financial freedom, you will likely enter into the complex process of selling or buying a home. When it comes to real estate, knowledge is power. That being said, very few sellers or buyers are actually doing their homework. We are also battling cognitive biases that will lead us down a dangerous path if we aren’t careful. That is why I am so glad to have my guest, Aaron Hendon on the show today. Aaron is an award-winning, Seattle-based Realtor who is on a mission to educate buyers about the real estate process. His book, Shortchanged by Shortcuts? 44 Surprising Ways People Rip Themselves Off When Buying Or Selling Their Home outlines the common pitfalls we tend to fall into when buying and selling real estate. 

You need to understand the transaction process in order to make the most out of real estate. When you think about choosing a Realtor, do you think about interviewing them as you would when hiring an employee? How do you know if your agent has your interests in mind? Is there such a thing as a discount broker? Aaron will answer these questions while busting a few real estate myths in today's informative episode. We will discuss the ways you can become a savvy home buyer and a confident home seller. A home is an enormous investment, and like all financial decisions, you want to be informed before you make your choice. Aaron is going to ensure that all ProfitBoss listeners stop making common real estate mistakes so they can start investing wisely. 


What you will learn: 

•    Aaron is not trying to become a behavioral economist, but understanding the choices we make is still very important. 

•    How to understand cognitive bias. 

•    Aaron will teach you how to interview a Realtor. 

•    What you should do first when you want to sell your home. 

•    Why it is important to verify information your Realtors give you. 

•    How to think about the costs of selling a house and the merits of using an agent. 

•    The buyer is paying for the commission. 

•    It is critical to set the price of the home without the emotional weight of history. 

•    Aaron teaches us how to evaluate markets to compare the pricing of your house. 

•    How to consider all kinds of offers and how a good Realtor helps you navigate them. 

•    Understanding the asymmetry of information in the deal.


Links Mentioned

Shortchanged by Shortcuts? 44 Surprising Ways People Rip Themselves Off When Buying Or Selling Their Home 


Feb 20, 2018

There can never be any secrets in money. Today, I have an amazing and compelling interview with Janet Lombardi, author of Bankruptcy: A Love Story. In 2007, Janet called her financial advisor for a routine check-in because she hadn’t received her annual statements in the mail yet. What her financial advisor told her changed everything: He said, “The accounts are empty. Get an accountant, get an attorney, and get a private detective.” This is Janet’s account of the financial fallout that resulted from her husband’s secret money mistakes. 


I am thankful that Janet is willing to tell her story openly and honestly with the Profit Boss Radio audience. As you might have already guessed, the road to recovery was not an easy one. Janet is just as willing to offer up the lessons she has learned, as well as her own culpability in the situation. Janet had to do her homework. She was no longer able to deny the hard truths about money. What she found on the other end was a sense of empowerment and confidence when it comes to finances. I think her story will be inspiring to women who have always just referred to their husbands to handle finances. Knowledge really is power, especially when it comes to money. 


Listen this week as Janet shares how she pieced together her life from bank statements and hidden documents. As a result, she’s a bit of a source on personal finance! Sometimes, the most difficult and complex situations lead to the simplest conclusions. Know where your money is, and use it well!   


What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • How September 11th impacted the world, but also her husband. 
  • Janet’s husband was struggling with addiction which intensified after the events of 9/11
  • Janet was not having a shining moment in her life during the crisis point in her marriage. 
  • What happened when Janet knew her accounts had been drained. 
  • Janet had a very complex financial life, and she had to do the hard work of piecing together her husband’s money mistakes. 
  • As more and more devastation was revealed, Janet was still trying to reconcile all the heartbreak in her marriage. 
  • Through it all, Janet grew to understand herself better than ever before. 
  • Janet created a “Punch List” of things she needed to do to get out of debt. 
  • The keys to a financial rebound, and habits anyone can use to come back from a setback. 
  • How to find freedom through practicality. 




Janet Online


Debter’s Anonymous 




Ignite Investing


Bankruptcy, A Love Story by Janet Lombardi 


Feb 13, 2018

One of the biggest steps we have to take on our journey to financial freedom is to decrease the burden of debt. Paying minimums can delay immediate problems, but debts can pile up quickly and might cause you to miss out on some of your dreams. I am bringing you a story today of a listener who found herself in considerable debt but was determined for it not to ruin her relationship or put a dent in her career goals. This is the story of Beck, a listener and member of the ProfitBoss community who worked hard and has had a huge financial turnaround. It just about a year and a half, Beck went from debt to wealth in a major way. 


Beck started out her early adulthood with some damaged perceptions around money. Her father made some serious money mistakes but always tried to create a comfortable lifestyle for his family. Beck initially wanted to present an image of wealth and prosperity, even though she was paying for her lifestyle in credit. She was aware this was a problem but was unmotivated to take the drastic steps needed to get out of thousands of dollars of debt. When she started a relationship with her future husband and the pair moved to New York for work, Beck's debt could no longer be ignored.


Listen this week to find out how Beck got out of debt, learned to be a saver, and built up her confidence around money matters. She is proof that honesty about our financial situation has a massive positive impact on our relationships. Though she wanted to be perceived in a certain way, Beck now understands that her former life just didn’t hold up with reality. Now, her lifestyle is supported by her means, and she enjoys her wealth without money becoming her master. If Beck’s story resonates with you, I think this episode will be of particular encouragement to you. Beck is proof that when we steward our wealth well, we can be more prosperous than we could ever imagine! 


What You Will Learn in This Episode:


  • How Beck knew she had a financial problem and her state of mind in that time. 
  • Why Beck tried to put on the image of success. 
  • All the emotions and inherent beliefs that Beck had to battle. 
  • Childhood has such a huge impact on how we treat money. Beck’s was especially unusual due to mistakes on her dad’s part. 
  • Beck hated money because she felt like it caused suffering. 
  • Why chronic over-spending felt the way for Beck to live her life to the fullest. 
  • Good income doesn’t necessarily equal wealth. 
  • Learn Beck’s lowest low, and why that was such a wakeup call for her. 
  • How Beck got a payday loan. 
  • Beck’s relationship with her future husband was the catalyst for her financial freedom. 
  • Even though she tried to do all the right things after a move to New York, ends were still not being met. 
  • How Beck’s mental habits have shifted since she learned so much about personal finance. 
  • Beck and her husband automated their savings and planned ahead more than ever before. 
  • Now, Beck is saving and investing by making smart choices with her money. 
  • How you can go so far towards having a significant net worth after accruing so much   debt.
Feb 6, 2018

Forming a healthy relationship to our finances is all about taking small steps towards our ultimate financial goals. No matter your income, I believe you have the capability to find financial freedom. If you are looking for a little financial peace today, then you are going to love my conversation with Rachel Cruz! Rachel has a down-to-earth, practical perspective on finances that comes from an early exposure to money management skills. That’s right, Rachel’s dad is the one and only Dave Ramsey, who revolutionized the world of personal finance for so many of us! 


Growing up with Dave Ramsey, you might think that Rachel spent her days filling in spreadsheets and planning mutual funds, but she assures me that isn’t the case. Instead, Rachel grew up with a healthy relationship with her finances and a desire to share that knowledge with others. Rachel has a natural love of public speaking, and even when she was still a child herself, she was sharing what she knew with those around her. Today, Rachel has published not one, but two bestselling finance books. She is teaching women all across the world how to be wise with their money and live financially free. It’s not just about getting out of debt, though that is important! Rachel focuses on easy steps that you can take to make wise decisions with your funds. 


Today, Rachel is going to give us an overview of her Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits to Change Your Life. When you develop these habits, you will create for you and your family a sense of financial freedom like never before. These tools really work! 


Show Highlights:

  • Rachel shares how she got started in the “family business” of personal finance. 
  • How to package the message of financial responsibility for a younger audience. 
  • Money was often talked about as a family in the Ramsey household. 
  • The tools that you can use to have practical conversations with your kids. 
  • Rachel talks about the inspiration behind her book. 
  • How to manage your social media emotional drain. 
  • Rachel shares her perspective on buying cars and paying off debt. 
  • Make a plan for your money! Give every dollar a job. 
  • How to make an emergency fund. 
  • Tackle your financial plan with your spouse and get vulnerable. 
  • Get the order of operations as far as your savings go. 
  • Using cash is instant accountability. 
  • Sleep on it! Think before you spend. 



Rachel's Website

Love Your Life, Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze 


Enter the Book Giveaway:

To be eligible to win you need to complete the following steps:


  1. Enter to win using this link:
  2. Share Episode 95 with your Facebook friends by posting this link: and using the hashtag #loveyourlifeXprofitbossradio in your post
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Good luck, Profit Boss!  



Jan 30, 2018

When a parent leaves an inheritance as a legacy for their children, the intent is always to secure their future. Statistics tell us that 1-in-3 heirs end up blowing all the money, rather than stewarding it well. Earning and keeping are two drastically different skillsets, and having advice and counsel is essential to manage wealth well. But what would happen if all the advice in the world was basically useless? What would happen if you knew you were going to inherit but had your hands tied? 


Today, I have an interesting story about what happens when an inheritance rattles the future, rather than securing it. It is truly a tale of good intentions gone awry. In this interview, my client, who will be known only as “Annie”, tells the story of inheriting $4M from her parents. Annie shares everything she has had to go through just to get her hands on the money that was rightfully hers. Even though her parents took the time to have a trust drafted, she never found the actual trust documents and had to go through the probate courts to have assets transferred to her name. 


This is a cautionary tale to people everywhere of the high costs on the people you love if your estate plan is incomplete! Also, Annie had strong emotions about the money to overcome—before she inherited money she lived paycheck to paycheck, and even marched on Occupy Wall Street. Listen to find out if her perspective on wealth has evolved as she inherited. 


This is a very moving and vulnerable story. It reminds me that a legacy is an incredible gift, but it is also a heavy weight to bear. I know you will come away from Annie’s story with a lot to think about, (and hopefully, let someone know the location of your Will when you’re through!)  


What You Will Learn In This Episode: 

•    We start from the beginning: Annie always knew she would inherit money. 

•    Money and inheritance were abstract. 

•    Annie feels like she almost exchanged her parents for the money. 

•    How the whole trouble with the trust started. 

•    Lawyers don’t always have a copy of the trust. 

•    The time it takes and the uncertainty that follows a missing trust. 

•    How Annie has managed the pain and fear over the inheritance. 

•    Annie’s early days living paycheck to paycheck taught her about what it means to be “enough.” 

•    All about some of the technical aspects of inheritance. 

•    Annie’s vision for her life with this inheritance. 

•    Money has an effect on people. Learn how Annie’s social life has shifted. 

•    How to ensure people in your life has copies of your will. 

•    What Annie is planning to do with her story. 


Featured on the show

Jan 23, 2018

When we think about a hero’s journey, it’s tempting to play up the sweeping dramatic moments and downplay the mundane or sacrificial choices they make to reach that hero status. I have a story for you today that doesn’t pull punches but is just as heroic as any grand adventure we might read about. When I first heard Jackie B’s story, I could feel the strings of my heart being pulled in a million directions. Yes, Jackie is currently living out her dreams, but she had to make hard choices and take calculated risks to get there. To hear her tell it will tug at your emotions in the best way because she is living proof that you can come to your own rescue. Are you ready to feel empowered? 

You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:

Jan 10, 2018

This week I'm speaking with Kelly, whose lax money habits from her early 20s landed her in a stressful 25-year cycle of debt and uncertainty. Now, having sought help to finally improve her understanding of money and establish healthy spending and saving, she's debt-free. 

This episode is a great one for anybody wrestling with feelings of failure or inadequacy around money, but it's also educational for you parents out there who are wondering how to ensure that your children don't grow up with a sense of entitlement around finances. 

In the interview, Kelly takes us through her early money memories and the reasons she hated focusing on money. She talks about what those 25 years of constant debt were like, and how she finally reached out to a financial coach who helped her reform her treatment of money. 


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Jan 2, 2018

Conversations about money are never easy, and talking to kids about money is no exception! This is one of the topics I get asked about most about, so I am thrilled to be able to bring to you the excellence and expertise of an incredible guest. If you are a parent or caregiver, your top priority is to make sure the child in your life is set up to succeed well into adulthood. Perhaps you have made some money mishaps that you insure your kids against. Maybe you just want to be proactive and start those money conversations early. Regardless of your motivation, it’s time to think critically about how to pass on smart money principles to the little ones. 

 My guest today is Neale Godfrey, an incredible asset to any parent thinking about money conversations with their children. Neale owns and operates Money For Life, and is the author of 27 books dealing with money, life skills, and important values. Neale was one of the first female executives at Chase, and is founded Children’s Financial Network INC. If all of those credentials don’t convince you Neale knows what she’s talking about, then her direct style of communication will. 

Neale knows the only foolproof way to ensure that your financial legacy passes on to your children is to talk about it. Today, she will impart to you all the skills and strategies you need to have these difficult conversations. Whether your children are still little or entering into adulthood, Neale can share with you just what you need to set them up for success. 

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