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Apr 24, 2018

Whatever your stance on Bitcoin might be, it is difficult to deny that it is changing the way we think about finances. Bitcoin is opening up a new standard of value for currency: protection. Today, I have my guest, Trace Mayer, on the show to give us some more detailed information about Bitcoin and why it is so important to have a working knowledge of cryptocurrency. 


Trace isn’t on a mission to sell you something; he is on a mission to inform the world about the exciting new frontier that is digital currency. His podcast, Bitcoin Knowledge is all about how digital currencies can bring you monetary sovereignty and security. I was surprised to find in this interview that we weren’t actually talking about Bitcoin the whole time. Instead, we had a conversation about property rights, autonomy, and activism. 


Trace is equipping ordinary people to take even more control over their finances by investing in something protected and supported. Generally, people have gaps in their knowledge around Bitcoin, and that can make investing a bit risky. Trace is going to spell out the risks and benefits of Bitcoin in a way that is easy enough for even a novice to understand. We certainly have much to learn from Trace, and I am excited to continue the Bitcoin conversation in the future!  


What You Will Learn in This Episode

    Understand what it means to be a “digital native.” 

    Let’s focus on the technical aspects of Bitcoin. 

    The value of monetary sovereignty. 

    We can understand Bitcoin better when we understand strong property rights. 

    Why the inflation of currency is such an important topic. 

    Trace shares some of the biggest moments in financial activism. 

    We are building layers to the internet to support Bitcoin. 

    Trace believes Bitcoin is here to stay. 

    What you need to know about other cryptocurrencies.




Bitcoin Knowledge

Apr 17, 2018

Profit Boss®  radio is all about connecting you to women who are empowering other women to have confidence in their finances. I cannot think of anyone who embodies that spirit like Jen Hemphill. Jen is a bilingual Latina military wife and mama who knows there’s a lot more to financial freedom than spending less and saving more. After experiencing years of the numbers sliding sideways, even though she and her husband were doing “all the right things,” Jen went on a journey to uncover some untraditional ways to empower herself financially. The result is the amazing Her Money Matters Podcast and now a brand new book! 


Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths from Traditional Money Advice is a go-to guide for women with burning questions about money. It is a book about money specifically designed with women in mind, and Jen has so much wisdom to share with us about money mindset. I am not just excited to have Jen on the show to talk about the content of her book, but also the book-writing process. Publishing is such a mystery to many of us, so Jen is going to explain just what it takes to self-publish. 


If you are interested in money mindset and the uncharted territory many of our money mentors have not dared to go, Jen is your lady! She is proof that when women take charge of their finances, good things happen. 


What you will learn in this episode: 

    Jen shares with us her unique message about money. 

    Jen’s role as a military spouse led her to want to create the podcast platform and a career that offered flexibility. 

    The services that Jen offers for finance coaching. 

    Everybody writes a book, but Jen decided to take advantage of the opportunity. 

    Why Jen parted ways with her traditional publisher, and how the hybrid approach was right for her. 

    A day in the life of book launching author! 

    What makes up a launch team. 

    What is missing from traditional money advice? 

    Since Jen had her “Aha Moment,” Jen has learned so many lessons about money. 

    We often forget to acknowledge what we are doing well. 

    There are different stages of budgeting. 

    Your money mindset takes up 60%. 

    Jen shares all about self-care. 

    Let’s talk about Negotiating! 

    Get clear about your Dream Budget.




Link to Her Money Matters® podcast:


Her Money Matters Book

Her Money Matters Workbook

Apr 10, 2018

With hard work, a healthy money mindset, and the sheer force of determination, you can overcome insurmountable odds and find success. This is exactly the attitude of my guest, Nely Galan. Nely is a Latina media dynamo! As an immigrant with limited work experience, Nely worked hard to put herself through school and then rise through the ranks to become the media mogul she is today! Nely was the first female president of Telemundo, and she has produced over 600 episodes of television in both English and Spanish. She is an Emmy award-winning producer, working on shows like Fox’s The Swan. All of these accomplishments are indeed impressive, but most of that work went on behind the scenes. I am excited for you to hear why Nely is stepping onstage to become an advocate for women’s empowerment. 


Nely’s new book, Self Made, chronicles her journey in the media business as she started from nothing. Now, Nely wants to show women across the globe that we are capable of more than our society tells us we are. When women earn more and advance in their careers, our culture flourishes. Nely is spearheading efforts to educate, empower, and mobilize women from all nationalities and backgrounds to begin making waves in their industry. Today, Nely will share some of her best tips and techniques for starting over and becoming self-made. Make sure you listen to find out how to get resources for women-owned businesses right in your mailbox! 


With so much experience and wisdom to share, Nely embodies what it means to be a ProfitBoss. You do not want to miss out on the practical tools and mindset shifts Nely is bringing to the table today.  


What you will learn in this episode: 

  • What inspired Nely to move away from behind the scenes work to being an author and public speaker. 
  • Nely started with nothing at all, and she worked hard to make her life happen. 
  • Nely’s biggest advice is to live well within your means. 
  • Going back to school inspired Nely to take part of the intercultural revolution of women in business. 
  • Women need to learn how to take care of themselves. 
  • Learn from the mistakes Nely made along the way. 
  • Business failure is not a failed career. 
  • Join professional organizations. 
  • Being self-made is a day-by-day process. 
  • How to be a woman in relationships and still have money. 
  • Discover the benefits of being self made. 
  • We are a culture that worries about money; declare your goals boldly. 
  • How to combat fear. 
  • Why Nely loves buildings more than shoes. 
  • Who needs to use Becoming Self Made resources.



Resources from the Show 

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Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way



Apr 3, 2018

Many Americans are walking around with a million dollar asset they didn’t even know they had—Social Security. Love it or leave it, the U.S. has put Social Security in place to protect your future, and you need to be informed to make the most of it. My special guest today is Elaine Floyd. Elaine has made it her mission to make sure everyone knows how to utilize Social Security now to better ensure their future. She has spent much of her time assisting Baby Boomers when it comes to claiming benefits, but her years of experience have given her a perspective that is beneficial during every walk of life. 


First up, in our newest edition of “Ask Hillary,” I tackle some of your questions from the private Facebook group. We will discuss everything from planning finances with an irregular income to tracking expenses through automation. Because of your excellent questions, we get to cover a lot of ground with practical tools you can use in almost any situation. 


Next on the docket, Elaine starts off by dispelling some of the most common myths around Social Security. We will discuss what it might mean for Social Security to be “bankrupt,” and what some of the younger generations might expect in the future. Even though nothing is set in stone, Elaine believes that we need to be investing in and making the most of Social Security. On your path to financial freedom, you are going to want to utilize every asset you can. I am excited that Elaine is able to share her knowledge with the ProfitBoss Community today!


Elaine’s Top Tips for Social Security 

  1. Delay retirement if you can 
  2. Maximize Earnings
  3. Understand the Survival Benefits 


What You Will Learn from This Episode: 

  • In our “Ask Hillary” segment, I talk about whether to incorporate and trusting your tax advisor. 
  • My best financial planning tips for irregular income. 
  • My favorite tool for tracking expenses. 
  • Find an accountability partner! 
  • Tips for listeners who have budding businesses. 
  • A reminder of what Ignite membership is all about! 
  • I chat with Elaine Floyd about the Social Security Program. 
  • What it means when we say Social Security is “bankrupt.” 
  • Discover how benefits are actually calculated. 
  • Know what to expect from the Social Security program. 
  • Elaine’s best tips for claiming Social Security 
  • Social Security has tightened the rules on claiming spouse’s benefits. 
  • Learn all about Survivor Benefits. 
  • Common pitfalls to avoid with Social Security income. 
  • What it’s like to actually work within the system. 
  • How soon you can expect benefits. 



Resources Mentioned 

Elaine Floyd


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Social Security Online